Learn how to be a Life Coach Certification in only 16 hours of online immersion into coaching plus practicum submission.

Join Barbara Wainwright as she shares about what it takes to become a coach.

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“I could learn how to coach immediately!”

how to be a life coach certification
“I checked into every coaching course available (researched for 18 months)and I highly, highly recommend taking Coaches Institute International which is now Wainwright Global, Inc. It is the best and least expensive course available by far. Others that were within the same price range only provided books and CD/DVD’s to study on your own. I knew I would never become certified if I did it by CD/DVD and it would be so boring! This course is interactive for “All 16 Hours” which is not what other courses offer. I was able to start coaching my first session with other students who attended the online webinar. Most courses have you reading material or listening to CD/DVD’s about how to coach before you actually coach but this one had me on the phone using coaching material they provided so I could learn how to coach immediately! It eliminated my fear of having my first coaching session as I now had done it! I loved it and I made friends with the others in my class. I felt very comfortable coaching after I was done with the course. Don’t waste your money or time on other programs as this one gives you it all for a quarter of what other ones cost. You also have a website once you are done so you can start earning $$ as a coach immediately. I don’t know about you but I didn’t have $2,500+ or 6 months+ to become a Certified Professional Coach. Trust me and sign up to become certified with Wainwright Global, Inc.” – Cindy Hawk

“The content was extremely valuable and practical.”

how does one become a life coach
“What I enjoyed most about the course was working from home. It still felt like a conference. I didn’t expect the interaction with other students, but I still heard them as if we were in a room together. Harry was an excellent instructor. The content was extremely valuable and practical. The exercises really allowed me to put the methods in practice. I feel I know how to complete a session with a client already. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques are invaluable in providing the client with a new way to look at him or herself in order to achieve goals. The techniques are not just logical and thought-provoking, but also shift one’s paradigms. It has the potential to change someone’s life. I would never have thought the instruction would have accomplished that in 16 hours. I have two residential graduate degrees and this was one of the more valuable courses I have experienced. I would absolutely recommend this course. The course involves learning a different technique to transform one’s life. Its gives the student a fresh approach to accomplishing goals. It provides the student with a great coaching format and forms with depth, emphasis on the “depth”. “- Tim O’Connor

“I can start coaching now. I have the tools!”

how does one become a life coach
“It exceeded all expectations! My own Coach Michelle Caron had recommended it highly- so I knew it would be good- but WOW! What an amazing bunch of women! Despite some minor difficulties with sounds etc- we bonded as tightly a if we had been on a trip together- it felt very safe! I love having this set up system to help me have a MAP to start my coaching- until I gain my own stride- so the 4 step thing is great! Info was very succinct and to the point. I loved the lab aspect- live coaching and being coached was thrilling! I found myself smiling as I coached and thinking this is just so much fun! I am enjoying it and my client said she really enjoyed it too! Vision statement- both creating on and receiving mine was incredible too- I cannot wait to share this process with my first client (hopefully tomorrow!!). I’d absolutely recommend this course! Great intro to coaching and perfect for those who (like me) learn by the “do one” “teach one” method- I can start coaching now. I have the tools!” ~ Sarah Seidelmann

“I have never felt more inspired, or more empowered.”

how does one become a life coach

“Barbara, I just want to take a few minutes and tell you what this class has personally done for me since last Friday.

  1. I have a very clear picture of the direction I am going and how I am going to get there.
  2. The class has created a ‘network’ of people that I trust and know that they are interested in helping me achieve all that I want.
  3. That I CAN really achieve all that I want and do not have to make a choice (I own several business’ and have been feeling pulled apart).
  4. That coaching fits into my life EVERY DAY and in EVERY WAY.
  5. How important those power words are for ME. I have created a beautiful mantra that I read to myself to remind me how creative, beautiful and infinite I really am. I have never felt more inspired, or more empowered and it was because of the ‘coaching’ that I received during the class time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. May you and the institute be blessed in 2010 with all that you wish to create!!” – Ranchelle Alexander

“I was enthusiastic and fully-invested the whole time.”

how to be a life coach certification
“Working on the practical exercises with a partner was my favorite. Not only did it help us bond as a group – it enabled me to really practice and become comfortable with the concepts we were learning. The practical exercises were excellent- especially creating the vision statement. These are things I will have to do regularly as a coach and it was nice to do them in a classroom setting they became less daunting. It was also fun! Will I recommend this course? Yes! It was long enough that I feel like I truly grasp the key concepts of coaching, and short enough that I was enthusiastic and fully-invested the whole time.” – Katie Dyer

“It has everything you need to become a life coach at a very reasonable price.”

how to be a life coach certification
“It was very focused and well put together, yet interesting, the time flew by. The material given, the interactions and exchange of ideas among the class members were very powerful. Yes I’d definitely recommend this course, because it has everything you need to become a life coach at a very reasonable price.” – Rick D. Giovengo