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page2-img1Since 2006, Barbara Wainwright’s Live Online Certified Professional Coach Course has set the worldwide standard for online professional coach training and certification with over six thousand successful graduates providing their coaching services on six continents.

Students enrolling in WGI’s live online course can successfully complete their training and earn their Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certificate in 16 hours of online study. Course portfolio submission to Strategic Learning Alliance is to be completed within 30 days of the online course.

Our courses are led by experienced Master Coaches who have been selected for their professional expertise, passion for the coaching profession and genuine commitment to every student’s success. Enrollment in the course is limited to twelve providing each student with individual access to their Master Coach.

You will learn the Wainwright Method of Coaching and will begin changing lives before you even leave the class!

Earn Your Certificate of Professional Coaching in 2 Days

liveonline-img2Saturday and Sunday – Our live online weekend course is offered in two eight hour sessions allowing students to complete their training in one weekend. Course homework is to be completed on Saturday evening. Portfolio submission to Strategic Learning Alliance is to be completed within 30 days of the online course.

If Saturday and Sunday don’t work for you, please click here to request an alternate training schedule. We hold Friday/Saturday and Friday/Friday classes etc. at special request.

Become a Certified Professional Coach in 4 Days

liveonline-img1Monday through Thursday – Both morning and evening courses are offered in four, 4-hour sessions which allows students to complete their training in four days. Course homework is assigned Tuesday and is due on Wednesday. Portfolio submission to Strategic Learning Alliance is to be completed within 30 days of the online course.

Training and Coaching Systems
WGI’s Life Coach Training Course Includes:

  • Sixteen Hour Certified Professional Coach Course facilitated by a Certified Master Coach
  • 3rd party credentialing through the Strategic Learning Alliance
  • Optional AASCB (top 15% graduate business course) credits in cooperation with SLA and their affiliates
  • Telephone and Internet Access to WGI Master Coach Question Center
  • Lifetime Use of Wainwright Global Professional Coaching System
  • WGI Coach Training Manual
  • WGI Course Handouts
  • WGI Proven Professional Coaching Tools
  • WGI Quick Reference Guide for Coaches
  • WGI Certified Professional Coach Exam (included)
  • WGI Professional Coach Certificate of Learning in a digital format for your website
  • WGI Certified Coach Seal in a digital format for your website
  • Upon completion and acceptance of all course work, as well as a passing grade on the SLA CPC exam, you will have earned your credential as a Certified Professional Coach. Your Certified Professional Coach Certificate that is suitable for framing and hanging on your wall, will be issued by the SLA
  • 2 Year Membership in Strategic Learning Alliance Applied-Learning Professional Community and more!
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WGI’s Certified Professional Coach Course Curriculum

Foundations of Successful Coaching Introduction

  • Objectives of Coaching
  • Confidentiality and Ethics of Coaching
  • The Role of the Coach
  • Sustainable and Measurable Results
  • WGI’s Professional Coaching System
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Mastering the Coaching Process

  • Developing Professional Client/Coach Relationships
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Goal Setting – Planning for Success
  • Action Steps – Measuring, Assessing and Rewarding Results
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Exercises and Practicum
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Building Your Professional Coaching Practice

  • Business Structure and Record Keeping
  • Marketing Strategies for the Professional Coach
  • Acquiring Your First Clients
  • Setting Your Professional Fees
  • Identifying Opportunities in Your Community
  • Building a Referral-based Practice
  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence
  • Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations