Relationship Coaching



Live Online Group Class

Gregory CharlesThe Certified Relationship Coach course was created by Gregory Charles and developed by Barbara Wainwright. Gregory Charles is a true Master. He will open and enlighten you to who you are, to your best version and expression of you, to have the best life you can have. In this course you will experience powerful humanity, laughter, integrity, commitment, compassion and so much more. Gregory has uplifted the lives of some 50,000 people around the world who have attended his seminars, talks and lectures. Gregory’s wisdom has helped heal and enhance tens of thousands of lives in all arenas – love and relationships, business, family, finances, sexuality, health and wellbeing – to increase overall quality of life and spiritual meaning, direction and purpose. To learn more about Gregory Charles, click here.


Who should take this course

Graduates of WGI enrolling in this live online course can successfully complete their training and earn their Certified Relationship Coach Certificate in 12 hours. Taking this course also renews your SLA Membership for 2 years which allows you to earn your SLA Credential if you so desire.

Individuals who are new to the Wainwright Method of Coaching can also benefit greatly from this course and will also receive their Certified Relationship Coach Certificate in 12 hours. To be credentialed by the Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA), requires enrollment in SLA Membership and completion of 2 coaching portfolios.

Enrollment in the course is limited to twelve so each student has optimal attention from the Master Coach.

Relationship Coaching

In this Advanced Certification Course you will learn the importance of:

  • Clarity of Relationships through Agreements
  • Ground Rules to Create Value in Relationships
  • Judgments, Assumptions and Expectations
  • Relationship Patterns
  • Patterns of Beliefs and Values in Relationships
  • Healthy Relationships
  • .

You will learn about:

  • The Foundation of Healthy Relationships
  • The Importance of Honesty
  • The Context of Relationships
  • Primary Relationships (Significant Others)
  • Committed vs. Not-Committed Relationships
  • Dependence vs Independence
  • Tools, Techniques and Processes for Success
  • Relationship Coach Networking

Your investment in your education includes:

  • Twelve Hour Relationship Certification Course
  • WGI Relationship Coach Manual
  • WGI Relationship Class Hand-Outs
  • WGI Relationship Coaching Tools, Techniques and Practice
  • Certified Relationship Coach Exam (included and required for CPC’s only)
  • Certified Relationship Coach Certificate (digital copy for CPC’s)
  • Relationship Course Attendance Certificate (digital copy for non-CPC’s)
  • Telephone and Email Access to WGI Master Coach Question Center