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Live Online Group Class

page2-img1The Certified Recovery Coach course was created by Barbara Wainwright and Joe Drews in 2009 and has been recently updated by Jon Wainwright in 2017. Joe Drews comes from a strong recovery background and has worked with many recovery institutions and organizations. Both Barbara and Joe know the ins and outs of the recovery process and just how daunting that can be. WGI’s Certified Recovery Coach Course has already helped many of our graduates be successful in the recovery community. It is well known that every year billions of dollars are spent on recovery from an addiction of some sort, which has created more and more costly solutions to an age-old problem.

This course provides not only the knowledge to handle the addict, wounded family members and friends, in addition, it provides knowledge on how to understand the recovery community. You no longer have to have suffered from an addiction to help someone in need of recovery, you just need to understand the disease. WGI’s Certified Recovery Coach course covers all addictions, including Co-Dependency. WGI’s Certified Recovery Coach course is conducted by Certified Master Coach Jon Wainwright who with his vast knowledge of recovery, has brought his personal insight and personality to the course. He shares insightful tips and draws from his own personal experiences. Being a recovered addict himself, his personal philosophy is: “There’s always hope, once an addict is ready to change.”

WGI courses are led by experienced Master Coaches who have been selected for their professional expertise, passion for the coaching profession and genuine commitment to every student’s success.

Enrollment in the course is limited to ten students so each person has optimal attention from the Master Coach.

You will learn the Wainwright Method of Coaching and will begin changing lives before you even leave the class!

Who Should Experience this Course

If you are someone who loves being of service to those most in need, this course will give you the credential to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

If you have ever been impacted by someone who is an addict, this course will shed a lot of light on how you can best manage that relationship.

Individuals who are new to the Wainwright Method of Coaching can benefit greatly from this course and will receive their Certified Recovery Coach Certificate in 16 hours. Tuition includes your Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) Membership and your Professional Coaching credential issued by SLA, SLA requires completion of 2 coaching portfolios.

Become a Certified Recovery Coach in 16 Hours

liveonline-img2This course is conducted over 4 days for 4 hours a day.

Training and Coaching Systems

In this Recovery Certification Course you will learn:

  • Objectives of Coaching
  • Confidentiality and Ethics of Coaching
  • The Role of the Coach
  • Sustainable and Measurable Results
  • WGI’s Professional Coaching System
  • Recognize Common Meta-models and Meta-programming
  • Identify Patterns of Addictive Thinking
  • Utilize Socratic Questioning to Challenge Addictive Thinking
  • Recognize the Difference between Recovery Coaching and Other Forms of Coaching
  • Recognize Characteristics of Addictive Personalities
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You will learn about:

  • Addiction and family systems
  • Addictive thinking and personalities
  • Family disease involving enabling, denial, and co-dependency
  • Homeostasis in addicts
  • Many tools for helping your client stay clean and sober
  • Different recovery methodologies from 12-step to Moderation Management
  • To encourage, motivate and inspire, people in recovery, to stay clean and sober
  • How to market yourself as a Recovery Coach
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Here is what is included in your investment:

  • Sixteen Hour Certified Recovery Coach Course facilitated by a Certified Master Coach
  • 3rd party credentialing through the Strategic Learning Alliance
  • Lifetime Use of Wainwright Global’s Proven Coaching System
  • WGI Recovery Coach Manual
  • WGI Recovery Class Hand-Outs
  • WGI Recovery Coaching Tools, Techniques and Practice
  • WGI Proven Professional Coaching Tools
  • WGI Quick Reference Guide for Coaches
  • Certified Recovery Coach Exam (included)
  • Certified Recovery Coach Certificate (digital copy)
  • Certified Recovery Coach Certificate (hard-copy suitable for framing)
  • 2 Year Membership in Strategic Learning Alliance Applied-Learning Professional Community and more!
  • Telephone and Email Access to WGI Master Coach Question Center

Upon completion and acceptance of all course work, as well as a passing grade on the CRC exam, you will have earned your credential as a Certified Professional Coach. Your Certified Professional Coach Certificate that is suitable for framing and hanging on your wall, will be issued by the SLA.


WGI’s Certified Recovery Coach Course Curriculum

Foundations of Recovery Coaching Introduction

  • Objectives of Coaching
  • Sustainable and Measurable Results
  • Recovery Goals & Experiences
  • The Recovery Coaching Interview
  • Mastering WGI’s Recovery Coaching Process
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Drug and Addiction Awareness

  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Tools and Techniques for Lasting Sobriety
  • Goal Setting – Planning for Recovery
  • Action Steps – Measuring, Assessing and Rewarding Results
  • Accountability, Responsibility and Celebrating the Victories
  • Exercises and Practicum
  • .

Building Your Recovery Coaching Practice

  • Marketing Strategies for the Recovery Coach
  • Acquiring Your First Clients
  • Setting Your Professional Fees
  • Identifying Opportunities in Your Community & Networking in Recovery
  • Building a Referral-based Practice
  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence
  • Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations