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Paul HoytThe Certified Business Coach course was developed by Paul Hoyt in collaboration with Barbara Wainwright and Stephanie May.

Paul Hoyt, Business Consultant, Professional Coach, and Best-Selling Author, has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of growth and discovery. His expertise, strong passion, and comfort “from the boardroom to the boiler room” allows him to propel professionals and organizations from a myriad of different industries and experience levels to reach the business and personal success they want.

His experience and extensive knowledge in the key performance areas of a business enables Paul to analyze and assess the strengths, opportunities and gaps of your foundations, and then develop the strategic and business plans, financial models, and growth strategies needed to improve profitability, productivity, and growth.

In this course, you will learn the key tools that Paul uses to create the business analysis, plans and growth strategies that improve profitability, productivity, and growth for his clients.
Paul spends his time as a mentor and consultant, board member and financial advisor to dozens of companies, veteran entrepreneurial organizations, and many other non-profit and other organizations across the country. To learn more about Paul Hoyt: click here.


Who should take this course

Graduates of WGI enrolling in this live online course can successfully complete their training and earn their Certified Business Coach Certificate in 16 hours. Taking this course also renews your SLA Membership for 2 years which allows you to earn your SLA Certified Professional Coach Credential if you so desire.

Individuals who are new to the Wainwright Method of Coaching can also benefit greatly from this course and will also receive their Certified Business Coach Certificate in 16 hours. To be credentialed by the Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA), requires enrollment in SLA Membership and completion of 2 coaching portfolios.

Enrollment in the course is limited to twelve so that each student has optimal attention from the Master Coach.

Business Coaching

From this Advanced Certification Course you will:

  • Possess the training and tools to support new and existing entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business owners as a Certified Business Coach
  • Be able to articulate what it means to be an Awakened CEO, and the various methods used in supporting your clients with this process
  • Recognize, understand, and be able to support your clients with the Seven Key Performance Areas
  • Be able to deliver The Awakened CEO Gold Clarity Package: four, 90-minute coaching sessions to help your clients with Methods, Mindset, and Momentum
  • Easily communicate with, and assist your clients in articulating their goals and objectives, identify and develop business growth plans, and hold them accountable for execution of their plans
  • Demonstrate mastery of WGI’s and The Awakened CEO’s proven professional coaching systems and tools while building long term, rewarding relationships with your clients
  • .

You will learn about:

  • • The importance of Clarity
  • • The efficiency of being Organized
  • • The power and productivity of Focus
  • • The importance of great Decision Making
  • • Teamwork makes the Dream Work
  • • Growing faster means more income sooner
  • • Business Coach Networking

Your investment in your education includes:

  • • Sixteen Hour Business Certification Course
  • • WGI Business Coach Manual
  • • WGI Business Coach Hand-Outs
  • • WGI Business Coaching Tools, Techniques and Practice
  • • Certified Business Coach Exam (included and required for CPC’s only)
  • • Certified Business Coach Certificate (for Certified Professional Coaches (CPC’s)
  • • Business Course Attendance Certificate (for non-CPC’s)
  • • Telephone and Email Access to WGI Master Coach Question Center