About Us

page2-img1Wainwright Global, Inc. began in 2006 when Barbara Wainwright, a certified master coach, began to provide live, online and in-person professional coach training. Wainwright Global is dedicated to setting a new standard in coaching. Our immersion training system, coupled with our easy-to-learn coaching system and the Wainwright Method of coaching, provides professional easy-to-use tools for passionate individuals committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their clients and ultimately, the world we live in. We accomplish this by offering our Certified Professional Life Coach Training Course live via the internet, and in-person. Over the last 10 years, Barbara Wainwright has trained and certified over six thousand professional coaches from all over the world.

The Wainwright Method of Coaching and WGI Training and Coaching Systems

The Wainwright Method of Coaching is encapsulated in a Professional Life Coaching System developed by Wainwright Global Inc., and provides its graduates with effective results-driven coaching tools, techniques and methodologies. Clients’ achievements are verified by measurable results as they reap the rewards of living a purposeful, meaningful, life.

Wainwright Global’s systematic approach to teaching the skills, techniques and methodologies of professional life coaching makes it easy for WGI graduates to learn how to deliver the finest coaching experience to each and every client. Wainwright Global’s proven life coaching system and ongoing support gives its graduates the confidence and knowledge they need to become the most effective and successful life coaches in the world.

Barbara Wainwright, Founder and Master Coach

Barbara Wainwright, former Worldwide President of CCF and Co-Founder of Fowler Wainwright International, has 2 decades of study and research in developing and implementing systems, curriculum and training programs that have helped thousands of individuals and corporations achieve a higher level of success. Wainwright Global has a passion for helping people who are on a mission to improve the lives of their clients.

Wainwright Global, Inc.

Wainwright Global’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. Certified Professional Coaches may provide services to clients from all walks of life, in many countries around the world. If you are considering a career as a Certified Professional Coach we invite you to call 800-711-4346 to learn more.